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Weasel Lore
Nice Trailer you Pussy!
seeing one tit is better then seeing none at all
We Can get drunker then this!   
Are those Real?
Rehabs for Quitters
 Put the God dam cellphone down & drive!
If you can't hang as a Weasel....join HOG
smoke it, if ya got it
He who drinks the last shot makes the next pitcher
Weasels love big armholes
Sleep with one arm through the spokes & your pants on
If you cant get it goin with bungee cords, bandaids & electrical tape, it's serious
Work to Ride Ride to Work
More races were won in the Tavern than on the road
If you dont ride in the rain....... you dont ride
A bike on the road is worth 2 in the shop
Riding faster than everyone else only guarentees you'll ride alone
Beware the biker who's Ink peels off
New leather don't smell right
A friend is someone who will get out of bed at 2:00 am , drive his pick-up to the middle of nowhere to get you when you're brokedown
There's something ugly about a new bike on a trailer
Always replace the cheapest parts first
If you're a complainer , ride in the back of the pack so you won't contaminate the rest of the group
Grey Haired bikers don't get that way from pure luck
Never pass out first
Beware the Weasel juice, it sneaks up on you
Shiney side is up
Always back your scoot In & sit where you can see it
Harley's dont leak oil , they mark their spots
If it takes more than 3 bolts to hold it on....it's probably crucial
No wonder they drag em behind trucks
Watermelon Watermelon Cadillac car, We ain't as dumb as they think we Is
Jap Cars with Harley stickers suck even more!
I think there's one more hit in there
The Bike can be slow but the ride can never be too long
Never bet someone they can't do a burnout with your Bike
Nut powder cures a limp in hot weather